FSBO Relief

 Marketing a property for sell or rent is hardwork!!!!!

I'm offereing my services to list your property. I specalize in lisiting and find it a challenge with each and every property why?, because no two properties are alike , you have to think on each one who is my buyer and how do I find them?

If you want to sit down over tea or coffee just call me!  I would love to market your home. I have some marketing tools that others are have not found out about or view as to expensive. I can give you pointers on what you need to do to get it going; honest tips!

I have over 100 agents in my office that will get a personal email about your property. Selling is all about the numbers, I mean the number of people that find out about your listing, until bingo the rights eyes or ears get wind of it and then comes the contract(s).

This is just a tidbit of what I do, give me a call and we can get things on the road to the closing table.

I'm not pushy, easy to work with and will be a honest with my observations.

Are you ready?

Call: Faye Ette' @ 404 408 2966  

 Think green;think closing;thinkcash!!!!!!!